Gale M. - 05/16/2024

" I'm just disappointed that she doesn't take my insurance. "

 Michael L. - 05/08/2024

" Thanks Dr Shin "

 Sammuel S. - 05/07/2024

" I love Dr Shinn and her stuff. My son sees her since he was born. I am very pleased with everything "

 Russell S. - 05/07/2024

" Great staff and great medical coverage "

 Deborah G. - 05/04/2024

" As always, everyone was great "

 James K. - 05/02/2024

" Technician and doctor are very concerned with Their patients and the care they give and needs Very knowledgeable and excellent in their fields "

 Alex N. - 04/30/2024

" I appreciate everyone’s professionalism and willingness to assist te best way they can. "

 Apinantana D. - 04/28/2024

" My visits had always been great! Thanks to everyone for your time care. "

 Lynn T. - 04/26/2024

" I have been using this excellent Opthomological Office for 20 years & couldn't be more satisfied!! "

 Beth-ellen M. - 04/24/2024

" Dr. Shin and is AMAZING!! I’ll never be able to express how she n staff changed my life!! I am able to drive n read again!! The office is so welcoming n kind. They even helped when I locked keys in my car. Ty ladies for helping. Much appreciated.🤣 Back to Dr.Shin n her professional team…they are the village we always talk about when we say, “It takes a village!” Thank you so much!! "

 Levi C. - 04/20/2024

" Night and day difference from our experiences with previous provider. Will keep coming back forever! "

 Arlene S. - 04/19/2024

" Best eye exam I have ever had and I am a senior who has had many exams! "

 Robert w E. - 04/18/2024

" Thank you taking good care of our family. "

 Kasey K. - 04/18/2024

" Dr. Shin is the gold standard of patient care. She advocated for me when I had eye surgery in 2022 & more recently with trying to secure a rheumatology referral. Her office has been tirelessly trying to get me an appt but nobody is accepting new patients and the wait times are well over 1 yr. I mentioned establishing a new PCP appt yesterday after my follow up with Dr. Shin. She provided my lab work & some notes to inform the doctor. My new PCP has already ordered new labs, submitted referral to get insurance approval & once approved, can move forward with setting the rheumatologist appt. Now I have the best chance of being seen much sooner, thanks to Dr. Shin. "

 Jane S. - 04/16/2024

" Love Dr. Shin & her staff. I’ve been seeing them about 10 years now. "

 Audrey A. - 04/13/2024

" Dr. Shin is fabulous in every way!!! "

 Claire L. - 04/06/2024

" My 13-year-old daughter is in pain and does not know how to describe it. She scratches her favorite toys. Then her stepdad puts a Band-Aid on her scratched toy's eye to help her calm down. It is also mom’s job to make sure her hand is not close to her eyes to mess with the result. Her lazy eye (amblyopia) surgery with Doctor Grace Shin was a big success. The surgery aims to correct the alignment of the eye muscles, ensuring that both eyes look in the same direction. Doctor Shin is so humble, she did not say a word about her excellent skill and being well-known in the field of surgery for autistic kids. The rumors say no one can replace her after she retires. "

 Gale M. - 04/04/2024

" The format of this survey makes it difficult to tell me that I've answered a question. "

 Kaitlyn V. - 04/02/2024

" We absolutely love everything about Ideal Eye Care and constantly recommend to others. "

 Dexter D. - 03/30/2024

" Great Dr and staff "

 Nicholas B. - 03/23/2024

" Best care I've ever received, I love Dr. Shin and her staff,.some of the most amazing people I've met! "

 Cruse A. - 03/19/2024

" Amazing Doctor figuring out prescription for a toddler that doesn’t really talk that much yet! I just wish they took vision insurance so I could use for their awesome supply of glasses! "

 Valentina E. - 03/16/2024

" Always happy for the service. All stuff. Helpful !! : "

 Karizma l M. - 03/15/2024

" Dr Shin really cares about her patients well being. She’s very patient and understanding with her clients. She goes over and beyond to make sure she uses all Avenues to help her patient’s. I really appreciate Dr Grace Shin and her staff. "

 Mia f S. - 03/14/2024

" We love Dr Shin. "

 Sophie H. - 03/12/2024

" We love your office! Dr is amazing so caring and so thorough! Best eye dr we've been to! "

 Charles D. - 03/05/2024

" 50 min past the appointment time "

 Elden S. - 03/01/2024

" The best in Nevada for 25 yrs "

 Aiden A. - 02/28/2024

" I was struggling to get my son in with an ophthalmologist. We had many occurrences over a year with pink eye. Probably 4 visits to pediatrics and urgent care. Different meds. It would temporarily go away and come back. Usually complaining of something in his eye but no one really properly looked. Whenever I called to get appointment with other nearby ophthalmologist it was so far out (months) the issue would clear up temporary or not be an issue at that time. Glad to seem we finally have answer. The steroid drops seem to be working very well just in 24 hours even for this allergic conjunctivitis. I didn’t know this was a thing. I hope we are able to get this under control moving forward. So grateful you guys got us in. I know Dr. Shin usually deals with more complicated matters but I’m glad the office was able to help us out. Thank you "

 Steven G. - 02/25/2024

" The whole team was very kind and professional! "

 Beth-ellen M. - 02/24/2024

" I can’t thank Dr.Shin enough!! I am now able to read, text, drive, n walk without holding on to the wall n furniture!!! BEST Dr. n staff EVER!! Thank you for taking time to answer any n all questions. I appreciate your kindness n happy smile too. Dr. Shin is OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you!! "

 Grace D. - 02/22/2024

" I was so worried taking daughter in and the entire appointment was wonderful and staff put me at ease "

 Timothy S. - 02/22/2024

" I was pleased with the level of care and professionalism that I received! The only issue I have is that it seemed to take so much time. "

 Michael G. - 02/19/2024


 Nicholas B. - 02/15/2024

" I've never felt so important as a patient. I've struggled my entire life seeing double and for the first time ever, someone actually cares and wants to help me to improve how I see. "

 Jennifer R. - 02/15/2024

" Grace Shin and staff were awesome as always. "

 Ester G. - 02/14/2024

" Dr. Shin is an excellent pediatric ophthalmologist. She has all of trust in our daughter’s vision. Jackie and all the other technicians are really knowledge and they take their time to make all the notes and extensive tests. We really appreciate everyone service and attention. Marcela has a gift to pick up glasses for the right fit . Thanks you "

 Patricia V. - 02/10/2024

" Life-changing care. I was anxious about having eye surgery done but I’m so glad I trusted in you. You made my life immeasurably better, Dr. Shin. Thank you. "

 Christina C. - 02/06/2024

" What I enjoy and loved about this office and its employees including Dr Shin was that I felt valued as a client. I was not just another body moving through there system. There facility was clean, professional, and comfortable. "

 Robert B. - 02/05/2024

" Appointment was a week ago, and just called for an update. The team has yet to submit the pre-authorization request for the MRI to insurance. The visit was great, but disappointing to hear there has been zero progress and essentially just burned a whole week. "

 Gina m C. - 01/30/2024

" Visit and staff always friendly and professional, have Been seeing Dr Shin for 28 years "

 Gary S. - 01/30/2024

" Have an appointment in 6 weeks for further evaluation. ⁸ "

 Olivia N. - 01/24/2024

" Very professional and efficient staff. "

 Berklee M. - 01/23/2024

" Nicole is our fave! We have been coming to this office since 2016 and she has always been the most pleasant and sweetest angel. Both my daughter and I get excited to see Nicole. She is helpful, knowledgeable, understanding, and kind! We of course love the techs as they are both incredible as well! Thanks Dr Shin for hiring some of our favorite healthcare workers! "

 Jane F. - 01/22/2024

" Awesome experience! Called in on time an the rest is like clockwork. You don’t feel rushed; they’re thorough, friendly an helpful. Jane "

 Brenda G. - 01/20/2024

" Staff is professional and personable. "

 Breya R. - 01/19/2024

" Always very professional each visit. Doctor takes time to explain the condition and answer any questions we may have. "

 Mary r S. - 01/19/2024

" I have known Dr Shin for 20 years through her children and she is amazing as a parent as well as doctor She has taken superb care of my eyes … can’t say enough good about her !! "

 Angelo B. - 01/18/2024

" Very thorough and detailed exam. Dr. and techs are obviously very skilled and knowledgeable "

 Gary M. - 01/17/2024

" Everyone was helpful & very patient. "

 Deborah G. - 01/13/2024

" Always a pleasure "

 Andrew m S. - 01/12/2024

" Nicole at front desk was so amazing "

 Kenneth M. - 01/11/2024

" We love Dr. Shin and her team! She has been our eye doctor for 28 years caring for my disabled son and his continuing vision needs and I can't imagine our vision needs ever being in the hands of anyone else. She and her staff are an extremely important part of our medical team, and really part of our family, at this point. The care is exceptional, the professionalism and courtesy are unmatched. Love her and her staff! Gina McDade "

 Paz M. - 01/09/2024

" 25 years! Excellent! "

 Judith C. - 01/05/2024

" Thank you all for your kindness, support and professionalism. "

 Christina B. - 01/02/2024

" Love Dr Shin and staff. "

 Camille P. - 12/23/2023

" Dr. Grace Shin has been our family’s eye care provider for the last 28 years. From our very first visit with Dr. Shin to now we have received the best care. My son had eye surgery by Dr. Shin when he was 4 years old and all I have to say is I’m grateful she was his doctor. And over the last 28 years her staff has been amazing. Always kind and helpful. "

 Michael x G. - 12/21/2023

" Dr. Grace Shin is very thorough, informative, knowledgeable kind & professional. She’s been my son’s doctor since he was 11 yrs. old. She doesn’t rush instead answers all our questions & gives suggestions when applicable. These are the reasons why I chose her to be my eye doctor too. All the staff are professional, helpful & kind. Thank you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS! "

 David S. - 12/21/2023

" The wait time was a little long but being retired helps somewhat. "

 Charles p W. - 12/21/2023

" The best in the state "

 Sol A. - 12/19/2023

" Dr. Shin and her staff always go above and beyond to help us. She has saved my son’s eyesight and we’ll never forget that. My son absolutely loves his appointments with Dr. Shin and we are fortunate to have her caring for our 7 year old son. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for Dr. Shin and her staff: they’re always courteous and caring and we appreciate them so much. It says a lot about Dr. Shin to have such wonderful employees. "

 Michael G. - 12/16/2023

" I HOPEthe VA takes care of Dr.Grace Shin,truly Bodaious glad our paths got together. "

 William B. - 12/14/2023

" Brenda is fantastic. Everyone is so professional and helpful "

 Thomas n W. - 12/13/2023

" Efficient, clinically solid office. Friendly staff. Dr. Shin very personable & positive energy. "

 Stephen L. - 12/12/2023

" I have been with Dr Shin for 30 years. She is fabulous. "

 Susan b M. - 12/01/2023

" Everyone in this office is extremely friendly and professional. "

 Katherine M. - 11/24/2023

" Dr. and staff are all personable, pleasant and professional. The online preregistration program could use some fine tuning. "

 Lute M. - 11/22/2023

" The people at ideal eye are very professional and caring. I think it reflects doctor/leadership. I would recommend to anyone I know with flying colors. "

 Vatsal G. - 11/19/2023

" The entire staff, technicians, and the doctor are all awesome. Always have a great experience! Thank you so much for always taking great care of my son’s needs. "

 Mariarosar d D. - 11/18/2023

" Dr Grace Shin is the best, i love her! "

 Darrell t H. - 11/16/2023

" Dr Shin & staff are the best. I’ve been seeing Dr Shin for over 15 years n and would recommend her to everyone. "

 Deborah a F. - 11/15/2023

" Best ever service "

 Camila L. - 11/13/2023

" Clean office. The staff are very friendly to my daughter who is only 15 months old. Had cool gadgets to keep her entertained during her assessment. "

 Ruth L. - 11/11/2023

" Dr Schin Brenda and the whole staff are wonderful they are so professional so caring I Love all of them "

 Steven M. - 11/09/2023

" Everone, and I mean everyone in your office is top notch! "

 Sarah C. - 10/25/2023

" Love everyone there! "

 Enid r V. - 10/18/2023

" So professional, patient and kind. Always the best experience. They care!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

 Deborah G. - 10/14/2023

" Very professional and friendly "

 Kenneth M. - 10/12/2023

" We have been seeing Dr Shin fir many years and have always been happy with her and her staff. "

 Meztli L. - 10/12/2023

" We love your team! "

 Adrienne P. - 10/10/2023

" I love this doctor and office. I wish more medical offices were this kind and professional and competent. "

 Baela T. - 10/05/2023

" We love Dr. Shin!!! "

 Amira D. - 10/05/2023

" I love taking ny daughter to Dr. Shin. I feel she thoroughly exams my daughter. My daughter is not easy to comprehend due to speech and developmental delays. Dr. Shin takes her time with her. "

 Ruth L. - 10/04/2023

" I had to wait a while before the doctor came in but the service was excellent "

 Trinity W. - 10/04/2023

" We love this office and the staff. Great with our 3yo and so thankful for their patience and knowledge. "

 Sonseray M. - 09/28/2023

" Dr. Shin & her staff are very efficient & nice. Dr Shin is an excellent opthalmologist, highly recommend her. "

 Georgia l B. - 09/26/2023

" I would not go anywhere where else, for my eyes. "

 Nancy R. - 09/26/2023

" Absolutely superb!!!😍😍😍😍 "

 Michael x G. - 09/23/2023

" Every one is professional, informative, makes you comfortable, courteous & compassionate. Thank you everyone. "

 Paige F. - 09/23/2023

" Very good office and staff was super friendly. Would definitely recommend! "

 Lisa L. - 09/16/2023

" They provide the most thorough eye exams and explain everything step by step. They are professional, courteous, helpful and provide the utmost in customer service. These ladies are the best!! "

 David W. - 09/14/2023

" The staff is amazing, very friendly and helpful. Dr. Chin was very pleasant and easy to talk to, she explain everything very thoroughly, gave me multiple options. I feel very confident that she will be able to resolve my issue. "

 Euphrasia a C. - 09/12/2023

" It was a great expierence!!!! "

 Vatsal G. - 09/12/2023

" Always have a pleasant experience at the clinic. "

 Sterling C. - 09/03/2023

" We love Ideal Eye Care! Dr. Shin and her staff are amazing!! Everyone is professional, helpful and friendly! We always get in and out of there in a timely manner too! We have recommended Dr. Shin to many of our friends and will continue to do so! "

 Karen K. - 08/30/2023

" Dr Grace Shin is an excellent, knowledgeable and caring doctor. I give her 100% respect and satisfaction, she is a thorough doctor and the Best in her field of expertise. "

 Sarah C. - 08/30/2023

" I love dr.shin! She is knowledgeable, kind, and incredible. Your staff is fantastic. I had no hope coming into your office due to previous doctors i had seen, but now I’m hopeful and actually getting better every time i come in. Thank you so much! "

 Charles C. - 08/22/2023

" Dr. Shin and staff represent the best that modern medicine has to offer. I trust them completely. "

 Sonseray M. - 08/19/2023

" Dr. Shin is an excellent opthalmologist, very detailed, precise & professional in her work, would highly recommended her. "

 Suzanne M. - 08/17/2023

" Not at all like the two two ophthalmologists' offices I went to Las Vegas! Everyone at Ideal Eye Care is friendly, efficient, and partient-centered. Dr. Shin never makes you feel rushed. She explains everything in detail, as do the technicians. I'm just it took me so long to discover the practice! "

 Susan C. - 08/15/2023

" My experience was great. I didn't have to wait long to start, tech exam was sooth and easy, when the doctor came she knew understand what the problem was quickly. I would recommend she to any body I know with a eye problem. "

 Maggie P. - 08/09/2023

" Patient intake forms were submitted three months prior but not entered into the system causing additional time and work for technician Jackie who was very nice and professional. Because of this issue and the fact that I had a plane to catch Dr, Shin made up for it and provided me with fast and excellent service so I got out of there in time. "

 David C. - 08/03/2023

" As always the doctor and her whole staff were excellent in every way "

 Michael G. - 07/29/2023


 Carolyn D. - 07/25/2023

" I could not see straight when I started at Ideal Eye Care ,she and her staff have been nothing less than amazing. I see the children coming to the office. I see them leave with smiles on their little faces I am so blessed to have Dr. Grace my eye doctor. "

 Mick S. - 07/22/2023

" Great group under that is attentive to your needs. "

 Aiden F. - 07/22/2023

" Best Dr and staff "

 William D. - 07/20/2023

" Dr. Shin and all her office staff are outstanding. The staff at the front desk are wonderful. The make checking in and checking out a very easy process. Her assistant that tests the patient before the doctor comes in is thorough and very knowledgeable. When Dr. Shin comes in with her assistant they work as a well oiled machine, with Dr. Shin examining the patient and her assistant putting all the technical information in the computer. Dr. Shin always gives the patient an intensive examination and answers any questions one might have. She is ranked one of the BEST eye doctor in the Las Vegas area and I agree. She did my teen son’s operation a few years ago. The outcome was excellent. Dr. Shin put us at ease by answering questions before and after the operation, addressing all our questions and worries. She has followed up with my son yearly which is a comfort. It’s easy to remember the yearly examination date and time, because the front office sends out the reminder to the patient. "

 Andres M. - 07/18/2023

" Everyone there is always very nice and helpful "

 Steven A. - 07/16/2023

" I recently visited Ideal Aesthetics, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience! The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, making me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The results of the Botox treatment were fantastic, and I couldn't be happier with how refreshed and rejuvenated I look. The clinic's cleanliness and attention to detail were also commendable. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for professional and effective Botox treatments! "

 Deborah G. - 07/15/2023

" Always very friendly and helpful "

 Zackary B. - 07/12/2023

" Amazing care and amazing results after following Dr. Shin’s recommendations. We have told people about your office and we are so grateful for the excellent care our son has received. "

 Carol P. - 07/12/2023

" Dr Shin is wonderful! "

 Sarah C. - 07/01/2023

" After going to 6 previous eye doctors, i came to your office with truly no hope. Dr. Shin listened to me and has given me hope that someone actually cares enough to help me and has the knowledge and education to do so. I am so grateful i found her and your office. Thank you "

 Wilfred f K. - 06/30/2023

" Thank you, Dr. Grace, for taking care of eyes. "

 Lynn P. - 06/28/2023

" It’s a pleasure to come to this office. Everyone is welcoming and efficient. I have tremendous confidence that I am receiving the best care. "

 Johanna d V. - 06/24/2023

" We have been Dr. Grace Shin’s patients for more than 22 years and will stay with her for as long as she practices. She is incredibly good ophthalmologist and very kind. Her staff is competent, professional and friendly. "

 John F. - 06/21/2023

" Everyone was pleasant & took the time to listen & answer our questions. "

 Jennifer D. - 06/21/2023

" I appreciate Dr. Shin and staff’s kindness and praying professionalism. "

 David C. - 06/14/2023

" As usual excellent "

 Scarlett B. - 06/13/2023

" We love Dr. Shin and her staff. "

 Sterling C. - 06/12/2023

" We love Dr. Shin and her staff!! They are always polite, kind, personable and efficient. Dr. Shin is magical! I have a child with special needs that doesn’t cooperate and she somehow always gets the information she needs by using clever tactics that distract him! We never wait long in the waiting room either!! I have indeed recommended Dr. Shin to many people over the years and will continue to do so. Thank you to Dr. Shin and her wonderful staff! "

 Gary W. - 06/10/2023

" Outstanding and timely service,, "

 Kathryn F. - 06/10/2023

" I have been here for over 17 years, originally from NC. Dr. Shin and her staff are levels above anyone in this valley. She has seen my daughter with Autism since she was a baby, me, and my spouse. She is the absolute best, hands down. "

 Samuel L. - 06/10/2023

" Great service and I look forward to the surgery in September. "

 Renato d A. - 06/08/2023

" Pleasant and Professional "

 Max S. - 06/04/2023

" Dr shin and her team are top notch! She had helped both my sons Max and Harry with their vision. The staff is always super nice and patient. We love the team! "

 Zackary B. - 06/01/2023

" I have been taking my son to Dr. Shin for five years and everything about this office is great. Everyone who works there is friendly and professional. Dr. Shin has improved my son‘s eyesight with her excellent care. She works well with children and you can tell she is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. I saw her randomly at a restaurant and she was just as nice as she is in the office. I have recommended her to anyone who asks for an ophthalmologist recommendation. "

 Maria e J. - 05/30/2023

" I’m very please be patient of Dr Grace S Shing and her staffs is the appointment I don’t want to lose more of 15 years with her love it thank you all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏😇🌺🌺🌺 "

 Valentina E. - 05/28/2023

" Everyone there is so help full n nice people !! "

 Suzanne M. - 05/27/2023

" Everyone was extremely conscientious, all exams detailed, and my discussion with the doctor was totally satisfying. I left feeling great trust and confidence in the the practice. "

 Sharon B. - 05/27/2023

" Amazingly positive experience. Everyone was kind and professional and helped ease my anxiety. Thank You ! "

 Angel D. - 05/27/2023

" My sons been coming to see Dr. Shin since he was 4yrs old and now he is 10 yrs old and I noticed his improvement.. Very smart doctor who knows her practice and very friendly staff.. Thanks again!! "

 Callie S. - 05/25/2023

" Great experience! Dr. Shin and her staff are so amazing with our daughter. Made the appt so easy "

 Francis T. - 05/25/2023

" Everyone from Dr Shin on down treated me with respect. Her skill and their support has me seeing 20/20. I am very grateful for all of them. "

 Susan E. - 05/20/2023

" Our family has alway had the best service. I would recommend Dr. Shin for the best quality care. "

 Sherry M. - 05/20/2023

" The staff is very professional and Dr. Shin outstanding. It is comforting to go to a physicians office and know that you will be well taken care of. "

 Aiden F. - 05/18/2023

" Excellent job by everyone! "

 Darrell t H. - 05/12/2023

" Always professional and helpful. "

 Judith l R. - 05/06/2023

" Dr. Grace Shin and her staff of highly skilled professional technicians and front office specialists provide dedicated and exceptional patient care. "

 Sol A. - 04/19/2023

" We can’t thank Dr. Shin and her entire staff enough. They saved my son’s eyesight and we are forever grateful to them. Dr. Shin is very thorough and detail oriented. I feel like she genuinely cares for her patients and always has their best interests in mind. Thank you for all you do! "

 Robert w E. - 04/18/2023

" My compliments to a very good doctor and a well trained team. They take good care of our family’s needs and do a great job every time. "

 Insoo L. - 04/06/2023

" Fully satisfied. "

 Elizabeth D. - 03/28/2023

" As always, it was a pleasant experience at Dr Shin's office. Everyone, from the receptionists to the technicians, to Dr Shin, is pleasant and professional. "

 Bently M. - 03/25/2023

" Totally love the team. Thanks so being so awesome. "

 Valentina E. - 03/25/2023

" We r very happy with all personal at the clinic !!! Very helpful n happy people !! Doctor is awesome !!! "

 Sharon B. - 03/23/2023

" Love Ideal Eye Care and Dr. shin Professional, understanding and compassionate. Real human beings work here. I trust the doctor implicitly! The staff is courteous, professional… and caring. I give all of them 10 plus stars! "

 Jill Z. - 03/23/2023

" Dr. Shin is the best, and her staff is great! Thank you for all you do... "

 Brian M. - 03/13/2023

" Appreciate all the time the technician and the Doctor took addressing all my concerns "

 Kevin R. - 03/13/2023

" Dr. Shin has provided my son with exceptional care for over ten years. "

 Josue R. - 03/11/2023

" Todos son personas agradables la doctora Shin responde a tus dudas expicando con mucha paciencia , ella a tratado a mi hijo desde los 3 años de edad . Muy paciente con mi hijo . Es muy profecional "

 Karen L. - 03/09/2023

" Have always received excellent service whenever I came in. When I had an eye problem, I was given an appointment the same day I called. "

 Giovanne U. - 03/08/2023

" Amazing staff "

 Robert j F. - 03/07/2023

" I have been to Dr Shin for many years and am quite satusfued "

 Gina S. - 03/07/2023

" Everyone at Dr. Shin's office at Ideal Eyecare is proficient, friendly, and thorough. I highly recommend! "

 Kara T. - 03/05/2023

" Always happy to be in Dr. Shin's care. She truly is a perfectionist with a good heart. "

 Sterling C. - 03/03/2023

" I love bringing my child to Dr. Shin and I have for 4 years now! The front desk is always kind and personally takes the time to engage with my child, who has special needs. That means so much to me! The technician is personable and patient too! Dr. Shin is amazing!! She and her assistant are the best duo ever! My child is not an easy patient, yet the patience and understanding they give is astounding! I am amazed at how Dr. Shin gets the information she needs from my son because he is not cooperative and doesn’t understand why or what is going on. I love Dr. Shin and her staff! I have recommended them to many people and am grateful to have them on my son’s team!! Thank you to Dr. Shin and her stupendous staff!! We love love this place!!❤️❤️❤️ "

 Miguel G. - 03/02/2023

" Great Dr and staff 3 years going "

 Robert R. - 03/01/2023

" Every thing was fine "

 Julia M. - 03/01/2023

" I am VERY happy with the care Dr. Shin and hsr staff gave me. My eyes are VERY important to me. I appreciate the time and effort spent, that gave me back my vision! Keep up the Good Work! Julia "

 Jonathan G. - 02/23/2023

" Love the staff and Dr. Shin! "

 Stacey A. - 02/23/2023

" The staff and doctor make the appointment so comfortable and easy. They answer all questions and are on top of all our concerns . Thank you! "

 David b S. - 02/22/2023

" I consider myself Extremely lucky to be a patient of Dr. Shin and Ideal Eye Care Center. "

 Hal F. - 02/21/2023

" Most comprehensive eye exam I've ever had. "

 Donna J. - 02/17/2023

" It is always a pleasure. Staff goes above and beyond to be professional, courteous and efficient "

 Merle F. - 02/16/2023

" The back office staff has always been so friendly and helpful. The front office, not so much. Dr Shin, best in the country. She keeps her employees forever. She educates them and they all seem to love working for her. "

 Logan L. - 02/16/2023

" I have been bringing my son there since he was born. I have always had an exceptional experience. The staff has always been welcoming and kind. "

 Kyran H. - 02/15/2023

" Everyone was very nice. Dr. Shin got us in on an emergency notice, took time to talk to me on the weekend and has provided wonderful care to my son. "

 Owen S. - 02/14/2023

" Dr shin was super helpful to my toddler that was having a toddler day. She got him some chocolate and helped encourage him through the appointment "

 Nicholas D. - 02/14/2023

" Nicole at front desk is always professional, knowledgeable and there to help you. She is great! Dr. Shin is the best doctor!! "

 Aaron O. - 02/11/2023

" Love the entire team!! I feel welcome the moment I walk in by the reception tram and always treated w respect by everyone. Not sure why there are bad reviews as never a bad experience here. Sometimes there is wait but Dr. Shin is the Bert in town, definitely worth the wait and expertise! "

 Maria e J. - 02/08/2023

" Good afternoon always I have the best attention and courtesy love see my Dr Grace and her steam thank you for be the best ❤️ "

 Tracie a S. - 02/07/2023

" Dr Shin and her staff take the time necessary to help each patient to see the world as it should be seen. Whether adult , child or infant Dr Shin and her staff do whatever it takes to help each of us see the world free of distortion. Our eyes can deceive us and Dr Shin does her best to help us see the real world rather then a world out of round or through shadows. Our eyes are our window and Dr Shin and her staff help each of us to have a clean and streak free window to see the world through. I have had several ophthalmologists in my 65 years. Some good, some bad but Dr Shin is by far the best. She was even able to correct damage to my sight another doctor did to me. Simply put I am her patient for life. It has been 19 years and I hope to be under her care for the next 19 years and hopefully more. "

 Sonseray M. - 01/28/2023

" Dr. Shin is an excellent ophthalmologist, and, is very thorough with her work. She is very sweet, pleasant & nice. Would highly recommend. "

 Mary S. - 01/26/2023

" Dr. Shin and Jackie (technician) explained everything and were very thorough. "

 Matt K. - 01/26/2023

" I'm very excited to come back and hopefully get some change with my Bell's. Fingers crossed! "

 Peter g M. - 01/24/2023

" Dr shin is the best "

 Gary M. - 01/18/2023

" Your tech failed to introduce herself and didn't tell me her position with your practice. Therefore, I didn't know who I was following around the office. She was, however, thorough in her examination. "

 Gwendolyn C. - 01/10/2023

" The receptionist told me to leave and come back at my appointment time because I arrived 45 minutes early. There was only 1 person sitting in the waiting room. When I returned at 10, that person was still sitting there waiting to be called. Why was I told to leave? I sat in my car in the cold. I was not happy about that. "

 Ellen S. - 01/07/2023

" Dr. Shin and her entire staff were very professional, kind and helpf. "

 Patricia H. - 12/28/2022

" The staff is always friendly and respectful never had a bad experience, and my mom had cataract surgery performed, and they were always professional, and thorough "

 Gayla F. - 12/25/2022

" Waiting time to see doctor was 1 hour which us way too long for a disabled person to have to sit. "

 Sonseray M. - 12/22/2022

" Dr. Grace Shin is an excellent ophthalmologist, I like her cause she is very thorough & personable, highly recommended. "

 Deborah H. - 12/21/2022

" Love this physician and office staff!! Been going to this physician for years and would NEVER go to anyone else! They all are just he best!!!!! "

 Keenan R. - 12/17/2022

" Exceptional professional quality care. So glad I chose this Ideal for my specialty care. I’m confident I am in good hands. "

 Ezekiel G. - 12/16/2022

" Thank you Dr. Shin and Staff! You all are wonderful and so patient with children. Dr. Shin has given my Son the most thorough eye exams of any Opthalmologist he has ever seen. It is so scary as a parent being told your child needs surgery (And eye surgery at that! You only get two in life after all.). Dr. Shin, the clinic staff and OR staff exceeded my expectations and my Son has had great post-op results. 10/10 stars! "

 Deborah G. - 12/13/2022

" Everyone was very friendly and accommodating "

 Camille P. - 12/07/2022

" Dr. Shin is a top-notch!!! Her staff is always pleasant! I have been a patient for many years, but my son was her patient originally. He started seeing Dr. Shin when he was 9 months old and my son is now 27 years old. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shin. "

 Ronald M. - 12/06/2022

" Real professional establishment "

 Alina A. - 11/30/2022

" My 9yo daughter loves Dr Shin and her staff. "

 Julia M. - 11/17/2022

" Shin is very thorough! "

 Jett R. - 11/09/2022

" From when we check in with Nicole or Marcella, they’re always pleasant and friendly! The techs Jackie and Brenda are always great and patient with my kids. Dr. Shin always takes her time with my boys making sure they’re getting the best care possible. We love her office manager Jen who is always accommodating and extremely helpful. "

 Lisa r B. - 11/08/2022

" We have been with Dr. Shin for over 20+ years. She is an Amazing ophthalmologist. We recommend her to friends and family. Rocky Colburn and family was referred by us to Dr. Shin. Thank you for all that you do for everyone. Sincerely, Mrs Lisa Bonnefoy "

 Edward D. - 11/04/2022

" Thankyou for taking good care of me "

 Nancy R. - 10/29/2022

" Superb doctor with great skills andmknowledge. Staff is well trained, really knowledgeable, &obviously well supervised. Themdr found a mistakemin my glasses- incorrectly made &’didnt follow the pprescription which contributed to my eye problem. Fantastic care!!😀 "

 Nancy S. - 10/27/2022

" I so enjoy going to Dr Shin’s office. They are the most welcoming staff I’ve ever encountered. They even put up with my loud ways. Love them to bits. "

 Nancy B. - 10/26/2022

" I was truly impressed with your office and everyone was so nice! I’ve already given Dr Shin’s info to a co worker☺️ "

 Georgia A. - 10/23/2022

" From the front office to the nurse to Dr. Shin, I was provided with the best experience possible! I am so happy & relieved to have found them! I am currently recovering from strambismus surgery & the care is exceptional! Dr. Shin returned my call late on a Friday evening. I highly recommend! "

 Josephine L. - 10/19/2022

" Dr. Shin is extremely kind and caring. She came highly recommended by multiple doctors. My 10 month old twins were relaxed throughout our time in the office. The staff made accommodations to make our experience as stress free and comfortable as possible. Dr. Shin is very knowledgeable and explained everything she is doing during her examination. She is very friendly and answers all questions. I highly recommend Dr. Shin due to her knowledge, communication skills, kindness, and ability to work with small babies in a friendly, relaxed way. "

 Jennifer H. - 10/19/2022

" I always refer people to this office. The staff is wonderful.😊 "

 Elizabeth D. - 10/19/2022

" I am impressed by the staff at Ideal Eye Care - from phone conversations, greetings at the front desk, the technicians, and especially Dr Grace Shin. Everyone is very professional and very friendly. I have been to the office twice and was treated very well. I highly recommend Dr Shin and her staff. "

 Lisa T. - 10/19/2022

" So thorough, I am incredibly grateful for the attentiveness in my very complex case "

 Kyah K. - 10/19/2022

" Dr. Shin and all of the staff were incredible. My two year old daughter felt safe and calm with every interaction. I can’t thank you enough for the experience and expertise. See you all soon! "

 Marlene M. - 10/12/2022

" I wish I had come to dr shin sooner, she was very thorough and very patient with me, I have never had such great care. Thank you Dr Shin "

 Larry l S. - 10/11/2022

" Very professionally run office and outstanding doctor. "